IT Consultancy

I offer consultancy and advice on the following:-

Hosting Solutions

After running two major hosting projects I can advise small businesses on the pros and cons of hosting your software and data.
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Help at home

I can help with advice on new PC's, printers, scanners and other accessories. I can help you with getting online, e-mail & photos.

How about using Microsoft Excel to keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgage.

Maybe you would simply benefit from some one-to-one training on Word, Excel and other Microsoft products and many other software packages.

Help for small business

Moving to Hosting andd Cloud based services.


Everyone benefits from training. This could be either a 1 hour lesson on a certain aspect of Microsoft Word, a half or full day training on a particular software package, or a lunchtime lecture. It can be on a one-to-one basis, in small or large groups.


These can be informal lunchtime lectures. I encourage the audience to participate and ask questions. A lecture on how computers work can often benefit people who are not sure about computers and maybe even scared of them.

Lectures include: